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Tony Rees - former Ironman triathlete turned racing cyclist. Team for 2017 - Brother/NRG/Driver Plan - my 34th consecutive  racing season. I am sort of retired but busy - studying for a doctorate in the sociology of cycling and teaching part-time at Teesside University. I can no longer swim or run but I pedal everyday (on the rollers if its raining tho !)

Me - crit racing summer 2016 - I think I have another year in me #onemoreseason

I am married to Sue who is my biggest supporter and who has a seemingly limitless tolerance of my athletic and academic activities. I have a son Jack and a daughter Ellie and it is through their influence and encouragement that I have come to write this blog. Jack is a racing cyclist at the Elite level and a British Cycling Coach in addition, he is the owner and Team Manager of North East Procycling who are racing nationally and internationally in 2017 as Brother/NRG/DriverPlan. B-N-DProcycling The team and their progress will be featured on the blog throughout next season. Ellie (although only 22) runs her own successful social media consultancy Collab Media and she is also a very experienced blogger with a 120,000 readership of her blog Your Daily Dose of Style. Expect to see posts about these two at some point in the future.

 Jack wearing pink as the 2016 Tyne Tees Road Race League Series Leader

                                                             Ellie - also wearing pink, in a picture from her fashion blog

After a long and reasonably successful career in the chemical industry in the north east of England I was fortunate to get the opportunity to retire at the age of 55. My retirement plan was to continue to compete as a triathlete, travel and complete my undergraduate degree which I had started when I realised that my time in the world of work was coming to an end. Unfortunately, 4 weeks after finishing work fate intervened and I was struck by a car while training on my bike. I knew almost immediately that my injuries were significant and serious enough that triathlon was not going to be an option in my retirement – a bit of a blow that to be honest.

Me - not in pink but colour co-ordinated - big fan of these red over socks

So I was left with a choice give up competitive sport after 28 years as a triathlete or try a different sport, I chose the latter and switched to bike racing.

I completed my degree, BSc Sport and Exercise (Sports Studies) and surprised myself by achieving first class honours largely due to discovering and becoming fascinated by the sociology of sport. On the wave of enthusiasm after getting by results I rather hastily agreed to commit to a PhD which I began in 2013. I have just submitted my thesis for examination, I will defend it on the 17th of January 2017 and if all goes to plan I should emerge from that as Doctor Tony Rees (hopefully). I will write a blog on the whole PhD process at a later date - it has been challenging.


  1. Hope your thesis is a success let us know when you pass.
    and posts on Velo Riders very welcome .

    Ann Sturgess no longer a rider but follower of most things cycling.

  2. It is time to tell us about your thesis, isn't it? Best wishes


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