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Sunday, 15 December 2019

Introducing a man and his van with links to a past life.

In the last few weeks have been putting plans in place to make some improvements to the blog in 2020, some techy type changes including transferring over to the Wordpress platform, no idea how to do that but hopefully I can work it out. I am also partnering up with a some relevant cycling brands to help me take things to the next level, more on this later. To make the most of these changes I also wanted to collaborate with a professional photographer, Iphone pics have served me quite well so far but if I want the blog to look 'posher' improving the image quality isn't going to hurt. Just as I started to think about this what do you know I get an Instagram message from a professional photographer called Jamie Tyerman (@jtyerman21 on Instagram) someone I have know for probably 15 years, and who has just established his own photography business JTyremanPhoto

We already have a couple of exciting projects in mind for next year utilising Jamie's fully equipped mobile photo studio. The picture van (above) is probably the only one in the north of England and provides the unique option of being able to combine location and studio shooting on the same day. Jamie is a very talented photographer and below just as a very brief introduction to his work  are three of his favourite images described in his own words. 
"I really like this one is because of the connection with Alistair Brownlee it's just before the start of the Ironman 70.3 world Champs in Nice. It captures how relaxed and confident he is feeling before the start of the race (he finished second) with Alistair appearing to connect with me by looking straight down the lens"
"An old one but still one of my favourites, this is just outside Harrogate when the Tour de France came to Yorkshire in 2014. I like it because for me it sums up cycling in a way, like minded people waiting on a normally quiet country lane for 'Le Tour' the biggest bike race in the world to come flying past"
"One of my favourite triathlon shots which is also happens to be of one of my favourite athletes, British pro Lucy Charles-Barclay. When I was looking to catch this image I spotted a row of trees on the course and I hoped that if I timed it right it would give the effect of a spotlight on Lucy - which worked quite well"

Apart from the quality of his photos working with Jamie feels like a really good fit and at this point I am going to digress or possibly regress ? with a few relevant links that explain why. When I say links I don't mean the annoying (but necessary) ones that are often scattered through this blog, I am talking about the sort of links that pull a post together as a story, a lot of the enjoyment I get from writing comes from the story telling element of it, stories that are usually built around pictures and it's an added bonus to be able to tell stories featuring people that I know. 

Here is a link from way back in the distant past when I was one of those triathlete types, back then Ironman was everything to me and despite now knowing (with the benefit of hindsight) that I made some serious mistakes in my approach to training, I thoroughly enjoyed the twenty eight seasons that I spent in the sport.
Above Lake Worthesee, Klagenfurt the day before Ironman Austria 2006 me centre (pre-beard obviously) along and two good friends and three random Austrian tourists. On my right my long time training partner and one of my best mates Darren Moody and to my left another really good friend, multi Ironman finisher and now ultra distance racer Graham Tyreman, yep Jamie,s Dad who I trained and raced with a lot back in the day - now you must admit that's a good link.

Another link in-coming as Jamie is also a long course triathlete and here he is pictured with some Chef bloke just after completing his first Ironman 70.3 in Staffordshire in June 2015.
If you have visited this blog before or checked out my Instagram you will definitely see the link here, bit of a clue ? (Ribble-Weldite Procycling) Jamie is definitely not messing about next season when he takes on the Ironman 70.3 distance again in August, this time at Vichy in the French Alps, here he is earlier this month picking up his new Ribble Ultra tri race whip from Ribble HQ, his bike leg should be quick in Vichy that's for sure.
The links are getting a bit tenuous now but while searching through my archive for triathlon pictures I came across this one of my last triathlon race bike and a cutting edge set up it was too (for 2009). Notice that names on frames were already a thing then but that we were still taking pics of our bikes with cameras. Bike computers have moved on a bit too, no GPS or Strava then, although we did have a bit of wire wrapped around our brake cable to get a signal from the magnet attached to a spoke yes cutting edge alright. 

I mentioned earlier that I made some mistakes in my approach to Ironman racing, I'm talking over training here or if not over training then almost certainly under-recovering, due to rigidly sticking to a 'more is always better' approach. Although to be fair I did eventually learn that there are far better ways to train, and it only took me thirty years ! Another thing that I did wrong was to not ride my TT bike often enough, I spent way too little time actually riding in the position that I was going to race in, such a basic error which I won't be repeating when I make my Ironman come back ... only kidding, I can barely swim a length now and would struggle to run for a bus, just relieved I can still pedal a bit. 
Although a triathlon comeback may not be on the cards for me here is another nice link - next year I will be supported by leading UK custom triathlon and cycling clothing brand Raceskin who have generously created some custom kit for me for my 2020 race season. 
The design has been agreed, samples tried on for size and the order has been placed, motivated for next season ? oh just a bit !
How else to finish the blog this week other than with links to a couple of previous Ironman posts. The first explains the origins of the event Ironman - how it began  and the second one which is based on some academic research I did when I was still competing explains why people are attracted to the event  Ironman - why do they do it ? 
Next time I will be announcing the rest of my 2020 partners and revealing my new race bike, fully customised using brown paper and sticky back plastic - I kid you not. 

Thanks for reading.

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